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3rd Generation Family-Owned Business

Hey! We are Deb and David Owen, both born and raised in Upstate SC, where we still reside. We started Mountain Ridge Doodles to maintain the integrity of the goldendoodle breed. With all of our puppies raised with us in our home, they will get the individual attention and stimulation needed for quality adolescent development. Your newest family member will have hypoallergenic qualities, an easy-going temperament (great with children), amazing train-ability, loyalty and intelligence. From an early age, the puppies will be playing with just about everything including our family's Cookie Bear (Golden Siberian Rottie), ZuZu (Mini Multigen Parti Goldendoodle), and Zelda (Multigen Bernedoodle). Our 14 year old daughter, Jiuliana, and her younger cousins help with sensory stimulation, training and socialization from birth.  These pups will be happy, healthy and strong.

We complete the most current genetic panels on all of our parents, testing for over 150 diseases, along with 5 OFA certifications (eyes, heart, patella, elbows, & hips).  We stay in contact with other G.A.N.A. breeders and breeders forums to keep current with information on puppy development, food, genetics, and any newly discovered health issues or concerns relative to the breed.  Health testing requirements to maintain Blue Ribbon status can be found at the Goldendoodles Association of North America website or G.A.N.A.  We have a written puppy raising protocol that is evolving and changing as we continue to research and experience the best way to prepare our puppies for families and service work. Parents' health test results are available for review at any time upon request.


We at Mountain Ridge Doodles are not a kennel or a professional breeding compound. It is our home that we share with our dogs. All Mountain Ridge doodles are pets. Since being introduced to the Goldendoodle, raising the highest quality companion has become a passion of ours to produce the healthiest, best tempered goldendoodle puppies possible. Our sister breeders at River Falls Goldendoodles and Fountain Falls Goldendoodles, with the guidance of Lynne Porter-Whitmire and her Bachelor of Science degree prepared us to utilize the science of genetics, understand the importance of DNA and other medical testing and scientific breeding practices needed to breed healthy well tempered dogs with the look and hypo-allergenic qualities you want. With our family's expertise, we have 30 years combined experience to help you choose the newest member of your family. Our doodles are not only best friends and companions but they also are serving many families as therapy and service dogs.  We would love for you to join our family.

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